Now that polling has started to look bad for the Democrats, they’ve had to shift the narrative surrounding left-wing violence in American cities. But that’s a big job, and they can’t do it by themselves.

Fortunately, they’ve got media firefighters in their corner to help them with some of the heaviest lifting:

You didn’t honestly think that the Washington Post wouldn’t get in on that action, did you?

Because suggesting that Kyle Rittenhouse may very well have acted in self-defense based on video evidence is ackshually defending white violence.

We’ll give you three guesses, but you’ll only need one.


She always comes through. She’s reliable like that.

So she’s got that going for her.

If it continues to stir the pot of racial animus and feed a liberal narrative, then it’s helpful.



Taxpayer-funded NPR busts Donald Trump for ‘claiming, without evidence,’ that Kyle Rittenhouse may have acted in self-defense