Given their name, you’d think that National Public Radio provided some kind of public service.

And if you think that, well, joke’s on you! Because we can’t for the life of us see how this passes for serious journalism:

Except for the evidence Donald Trump cited, sure.

We’re taking crazy pills, apparently.

Here’s the video, once again:

Yes, but that doesn’t count as evidence, according to NPR:

Graphic video from the chaotic scene only tells a partial story. The shooter’s alleged actions have split onlookers on party lines, with Republicans painting Rittenhouse as sort of tragic figure — a martyred patriot whose extreme actions were born of Democrat failures to quell violence on their streets.

Democrats, meanwhile, have taken a dimmer view of the situation, pointing to the president’s increasingly divisive rhetoric and past endorsements of violence against protesters, as evidence of a clear message to renegade gun owners to feel that they can act with impunity in the name of “law and order.”

Republicans have turned Kyle Rittenhouse into “a martyred patriot” while Democrats are taking this seriously and blaming Trump for left-wing mob violence. OK, NPR. You go with that.

We’d like to see the evidence suggesting that NPR is a legitimate journalistic endeavor.



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