Here’s part of NPR’s intro to their article featuring the transcript of an interview with the author of the book “In Defense of Looting”:

Writer Vicky Osterweil’s book, In Defense of Looting, came out on Tuesday. When she finished it, back in April, she wrote (rather presciently) that “a new energy of resistance is building across the country.” Now, as protests and riots continue to grip cities, she argues that looting is a powerful tool to bring about real, lasting change in society. The rioters who smash windows and take items from stores, she says, are engaging in a powerful tactic that questions the justice of “law and order,” and the distribution of property and wealth in an unequal society.

The interview is a doozy, and we mean that in the most facepalm-worthy kind of way:

It’s simply mind-boggling.

That and so much more:

According to AOC looting is done just because “people need bread,” so we’re totally confused.

We never cease to be amazed by leftists who can’t spot the giant hole in their case, which is “if everybody’s getting their stuff for free and nobody’s working, who’s making the stuff everybody’s getting for free?”

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