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Brianna Wu has a message for you would-be terrorist gun fanatics who think you need an AR-15 (plus bonus Dana Loesch)

We know we just did a post on Brianna Wu and guns yesterday, but when Wil Wheaton himself endorses your run for Congress, it behooves us to pay attention.

As Twitchy reported yesterday, Wu tweeted of her experience firing a fully automatic M16 assault rifle under professional instruction and came to the conclusion that there is no reason anyone would need an M16 to defend their home. Of course, civilians can’t legally get their hands on a fully automatic anything, but that’s just “launching into gun trivia and semantics.”


Wu seems to have a lot to say about guns, though her tweets move around quickly and it’s tough to determine if she’s talking about defending one’s home, hunting, or fighting a tyrannical government. In any case, she’s certain that gun fanatics don’t need an AR-15.

Um, half the country didn’t get their way in 2016 and there’s been a lot of violence (in Berkeley and Portland alone), albeit mostly from clowns in kerchiefs and black hoodies carrying hockey sticks or whatever weapon they can lay their hands on.

Is it just us or is it kind of funny that the same person who promotes the Constitutional process also wants to take semi-automatic weapons out of the hands of civilians? Besides, the government has legit nukes to put down any gun fanatics who try to defend against a tyrannical government.



She does want to learn — that’s why she fired that M16. And for someone who considers a high-caliber weapon a rock dropped from the moon, she has a lot to say about calibers as well and considers an AR-15 unsuited for hunting.


Dude … buy a shotgun. If you’re ever fighting off crazed hordes of people during an earthquake, there’s no way you’ll be able to aim an AR-15 with the ground shaking. (Thanks for the advice, Joe!) But back to the AR-15 …


That earned Matthew a block.




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