Wanna see something really scary stupid?

Nah, it’s not just reading a tweet from Brianna Wu about how she’s trying to raise money to hire more campaign staff, but it starts with this.

No, the real stupid is right here, from Wil Wheaton.

This sounds like an endorsement, yes?

Wil. Dude, no.

The woman thought the military would drop rocks on our enemies from the moon, what makes you think she has any idea about how tech works?

Would appear others don’t necessarily agree with Wil’s opinion on Wu.

In other words, we’re all full up on crazy, thanks.

‘The Moon is probably the most tactically valuable military ground for the earth. Rocks dropped from there have the power of 100s of nuclear bombs.’

Holy crap, right?

But yeah, let’s put this woman in office.


What he said.


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