As Twitchy reported earlier, Cheri Jacobus went after Meghan McCain because she’s married to Ben Domenech who founded the site, The Federalist. For some reason, S.E. Cupp congratulating Meghan for her assertive interview with Comey really freaked Cheri out.

This sparked some bizarre and angry back-and-forths all across Twitter, mainly people wondering why Cheri would attack Meghan for who her husband is … not to mention the accusations are just bizarre.

When even Yahsar Ali is calling it out?


Don’t look at us man, we don’t get it either.

Oh boy.

Wait, so Twitchy also wrote about how Meghan was going to school Comey, does that mean Russia owns us too? Remember when Ron Perlman accused us all of being Russian bots so we fessed up about our cookies and secret meetings?

Good times.

We do give Andrew a hard time, but Yashar’s point is valid. If you want to know who’s funding a site do some investigative reporting, don’t harass the guy’s wife on Twitter because you have a beef with anyone and everyone who doesn’t complain about Trump 24/7.

Did we say, ‘Oh brother,’ yet in this piece? No. Awesome.

Oh brother.


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