Feminists don’t really like women.

How else can we explain their immediate disdain for women being pretty, or sexy, or wearing makeup and being feminine? Truth be told it seems like today’s feminists care more about women being like men than they realize, and considering how much they hate men their whole message is just a hot mess.

Take for example this USA Today piece from Nancy Armour:

Cheerleaders have never been seen as anything but eye candy?


From USA Today:

It’s always been an appalling message to send and, in this #MeToo era, there’s no longer any place for it. NFL cheerleaders need to go. NBA dance squads and NHL ice girls while we’re at it, too.

Yep, that’s all we can stand to read and share here.

Because feminists think very little of women who disagree with them, which honestly makes them pretty sexist if you think about it.


Happiness is owned by the patriarchy, heathen!

And not funny in a good way.

And very sexist.


Somehow this has to be the fault of evil, white, straight, Christian men, right?

Feminists. Pfft.


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