Leave it to Erick Erickson to put this whole ‘wokeness’ business into perspective.

Honestly, we just wish spellcheck would figure out that using the word ‘woke’ as an adjective is not an error … but we digress.

Erick nailed this:


Ok, so if being woke was actually a thing then in our opinion this is perhaps the WOKEST tweet EVER.

Which means people who think they have the market cornered on wokeness were totally freaked out.

Psh, this wasn’t very woke of Travis.

See? Fussy McFussypants.


If only these people were joking.

Well then again, the joke wouldn’t be on them and we wouldn’t have as much fun writing about it so … meh.

Totally missing that this was Erick’s point. We see lots and lots and lots of people tweeting about their ‘woke’ kids having meaningful discussions on world politics when really we know that they’re either lying or they’ve indoctrinated their kiddos already.

To make them woke.

These people.

Suck it up, buttercup.

Because she’s serious.

*eye roll*


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