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It’s fantastic news that Rep. Steve Scalise finally is out of the ICU and has been upgraded to fair condition, but it looks like the one “teachable moment” that could have come from the attack that gravely injured him has passed.


The evening after he was shot, both Democrats and Republicans (attn: CNN) took to the ball field, gathered around second base where Scalise should have been, and prayed. But then Senate Republicans had to unveil their health care reform bill, giving progressives no choice but to ratchet up the violent rhetoric once again, with even sweet Grandma Clinton calling the GOP the “death party.”

It’s no secret that the man who shot Scalise was a Bernie Sanders supporter who had volunteered on his campaign; in that light, it would be nice if Sanders could tone things down a bit and not tweet about the GOP bill killing 27,000 people.

Did everyone catch that … he’s not trying to be overly dramatic, but apparently he can’t help it.


We’ve already heard Rolling Stone’s Jesse Berney allege that the GOP bill would “kill far more Americans than ISIS and al Qaeda could ever dream about,” so that angle’s already stale. Still, it didn’t stop “Gasland” director Josh Fox from giving his own take on the GOP as terrorists in a reply to Bernie Sanders.

And there you have it. Hey Bernie, is your friend Josh Fox correct? Is Mitch McConnell a terrorist? How many of your followers are like this, do you think?


Yeah, Katie Pavlich … disgusting.

* * *



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