Have you ever heard of something called BlueAnon? Of course you have … it’s when the Left comes up with some crazy conspiracy theory. According to BlueAnon, Mike Cernovich and the Russian mob planted those classified documents in Biden’s Wilmington garage. According to BlueAnon, Donald Trump was installed as the president of the United States in order to weaken the alliances that were preventing Vladimir Putin from achieving his goals. BlueAnon believes that if QAnon Republicans really cared about white children, then they would be worried about white supremacist grooming. BlueAnon believes the #BareShelvesBiden hashtag was in no way organic and called on Twitter to look into the use of prohibited third-party tools. BlueAnon thought Gov. Ron DeSantis was quarantined with COVID-19 and not spending time with his wife who was recently diagnosed with cancer. We could go on, but let’s get to Washington Post columnist Philip Bump:

“There’s actually only one conspiracy theory: Democrats are evil.” Bump writes:

The most extreme version of this idea is the most explicit: QAnon. It holds, in most formulations, that there is a devious cabal of evil actors — Democratic leaders, Hollywood elites (a.k.a. liberal Democrats) and the media (a.k.a. liberal Democrats) — that are conspiring together, perhaps to abuse children. It is the purest distillation of a movement centered on theoretical left-wing evil, one that’s been constructed from various and varying elements in service of that narrative. Even the child-abuse aspect of it is downstream from willful misreadings of emails stolen from a Clinton campaign staffer that were published by WikiLeaks in 2016. Democrats are evil, therefore their seemingly anodyne words must somehow be hiding secret evil messages.

Democrats are evil, therefore even when a Democrat appears to be a victim of assault, that Democrat must actually be the one at fault. Democrats are evil, therefore the unsurprising loss of an unpopular president in an election must come down to Democrats stealing votes or sneakily boosting turnout or controlling social media sites to influence the outcome.

Yeah, QAnon.

Crazy, isn’t it: Democrats controlling social media sites to influence the election. How about the entire mainstream media and social media blacking out the Hunter Biden laptop story as Russian disinformation right before the election? How many stories has the Post printed about that?

We’d say it’s just the opposite: Democrats see Republicans as evil; Republicans see Democrats as people with bad ideas. Does Bump actually think there aren’t Democrats who think Republicans are evil? Fascists, Nazis, what have you?

This is stupid.


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