Wow, there’s nothing about this tweet that isn’t funny. Remember when Jen Psaki said the White House believed it took “courage” for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to open up about their troubles to Oprah Winfrey? On a more realistic level, Megyn Kelly torched the couple for their self-serving “poor us” routine. The best reaction of all, though, was probably from CNN’s Chris Cuomo, who called out the “righty mouths” attacking Markle’s credibility.

In any case, it’s Markle’s 40th birthday, and to celebrate, Ibram X. Kendi is donating a whole 40 minutes of “mentorship time” to a woman reentering the workplace. That gives you a pretty good example of what Kendi thinks his time is worth, but with people like Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey donating $10 million to the man, no strings attached, you can’t blame him for being deluded.

This is even worse than Valerie Jarrett asking Americans to give Barack Obama $60 as a birthday present so he can build the Obama Presidential Center.