The Prince Harry and Meghan Markle interview with Oprah is old news; if CNN anchor Chris Cuomo needs a fresh story to cover, he could cover the sixth woman to come forward and accuse his brother of sexual harassment. Instead, Cuomo seems to want to skirt due process and have the royal family disprove a negative: they treated Markle horribly because of her race and “righty mouths” are attacking her credibility.

“Righty mouths” like *checks notes* Piers Morgan?

And when did American conservatives become pro-monarchy?

Is that even English? “Again, why is markle’s claim of being racial judgment so troubling to them?”

Solid burn.

That’s right, he did tell Don Lemon that he was “black on the inside” because he knew the theme to “Good Times.”

If the royals are racists, that’s horrible — we’re not sure why “righty mouths” have to prove they’re not OK with it.