We’ve written about blue-checked SJW Saira Rao quite a few times. She has issues with white people: they’re responsible for the COVID-19 crisis, their minority “friends” actually think they’re racist, white women are the greatest villains of all time, and whiteness is terrorism.

She’s protected her account so we can’t post her latest tweet, but Ben Shapiro has a screenshot of it, in which she begs white people to stop sending her private messages of support. “Private support is violent. Honestly, it is.”

We don’t know why she has a blue-check, but she is the co-author of the forthcoming “White Women: Everything You Already Know About Your Own Racism & How to Do Better” from Penguin … the same publisher whose employees literally cried when they learned Penguin was publishing Jordan Peterson’s next book.

We’d visit race2dinner.com but we’re afraid that might be considered violence.

Funny how she says, “Make it public or keep it to yourselves” and then protects her Twitter account.