We give social justice warrior princess Saira Rao a hard time around here. You know, because of all of her bad takes on everything. But she’s only human after all, and just like us, she’s struggling with the COVID19 pandemic.

See for yourselves:

Cue record scratch.

We’ll get back to you once we finish picking our jaws up off the floor.

You’d be hard-pressed to parody Saira Rao, honestly. She’s one-of-a-kind.

And few could have pulled it off as well as Saira.

You don’t??? Clearly you’re just pretending to play dumb:

Or maybe Saira Rao is just a genuinely dumb person.

Saira has a Sixth Sense about these sorts of things.

Ha! Good point.

Why should any decent person, period?

Alas. Cases like Saira’s are incurable.



Attention all liberal white women! For just $2500, you can get berated in person for your inherent racism by Saira Rao