We apologize for all of the hot takes stacking up regarding the shooting spree at three Atlanta-area massage parlors that left eight women dead, six of them Asian-American. Police have a suspect in 21-year-old Robert Aaron Long, who told police he has what he considers a sex addiction, and if he’s guilty, we hope he fries.

Although law enforcement says the killings were not racially motivated, we’ve already had lectures on white supremacy from Liz Plank, Ibram X. Kendi, and Nikole Hannah-Jones, while Rep. Ted Lieu, Rob Reiner, and Jen Psaki have laid the blame at the feet of Donald Trump, his use of the term “Wuhan virus” obviously compelling Long to kill.

We promise we’ll stop after Twitter blue-check Saira Rao, former congressional candidate and co-author of the upcoming “White Women: Everything You Already Know About Your Own Racism and How to Do Better.”

“Assassination” isn’t really the right word here, and it wasn’t eight Asians. But who needs facts when it’s apparent that toxic whiteness was the motivation?

Hey, it apparently got her a book deal with Penguin.

No, seriously, several employees at Penguin Publishing literally cried over Jordan Peterson’s book deal.

Now we feel bad for writing this and publicizing her book. Some people really need to be ignored.