As Twitchy has reported, police don’t know if a white man who shot and killed eight women, six of them Asian-American, in Atlanta-area spas was motivated by racism or, as he claims, “sexual addiction.” We have heard from the usual suspects who attribute white supremacy to everything, such as Ibram X. Kendi and Nikole Hannah-Jones. (Rob Reiner puts the blame for the murders solely at the feet of Donald Trump.)

Now Liz Plank, MSNBC columnist and author of “For The Love of Men: From Toxic to More Mindful Masculinity,” is responding to the Atlanta shooting suspect in terms of white masculinity, which “fetishizes and dehumanizes” Asian women.

It’s possible that the alleged shooter was a racist and misogynist, but saying that the dehumanizing of Asian women stems from “white masculinity” certainly seems to be painting with a broad brush.

Not to nitpick, but who’s “we”? We’d say that men — fathers, if we’re still allowed to use the gendered term — are largely responsible for teaching their sons how to control themselves. Can white men be trusted to raise white men?

We’ve been assured that Asian-Americans are “white-adjacent” since they seem to benefit from and flourish in a country that is rotten with institutionalized white supremacy.

That sounds just like what a toxic white male would say to excuse racism.

Sounds plausible. And it really sounds like the opposite of masculinity.