As you know, the shootings at Atlanta-area spas that took the lives of eight people — six of them Asian-Americans — has the Left running with a new narrative even though so far there’s no evidence the attacks were racially motivated.

At today’s White House briefing, Jen Psaki was asked about former President Trump’s use of the term “Wuhan virus” (he’s also referred to the “China virus”) and said “there’s no question” about something:

First off, there are plenty of holes in Psaki’s attempted logic, or lack thereof…

“Never let a crisis go to waste,” as Rahm Emanuel once advised the Democrats.

But if Psaki wants to criticize people who used the term, she should also call out some in the media:

And it happened a lot:

If “Wuhan virus” is bad who in the media wants to be first to step up and punish themselves?