During the Trump administration, everything he did was driven by white supremacy, but now that Joe Biden is president, everything Republicans attempt to pass or protect is Jim Crow, Jim Crow on steroids, or even Jim Eagle. Axios noted that black lawmakers hated Florida’s anti-riot bill, which they said was a “heartless” return to the Jim Crow era that would stifle the “largely peaceful” protests by groups like Black Lives Matter.

One of the measures of Florida’s “controversial” bill was to free drivers from liability for injuries if they were mobbed by rioters in their cars. Oklahoma has a similar provision in its anti-riot bill, and Newsweek approached it from this angle:

As Newsweek reports, “HB 1674 exonerates motorists who ‘unintentionally’ wound or kill someone if they were ‘fleeing from a riot,’ providing the driver exercised ‘due care’ and believed it necessary to protect themselves from serious injury or death.” Remember the guy who was pulled out of his truck and beaten unconscious by a Black Lives Matter protester in Portland? And we almost had Reginald Denny 2.0 this week when a truck driver tried to get through protesters blocking the street outside the Derek Chauvin trial.

Ben Shapiro has an alternative headline:

Nailed it.

They’ve been shot at when trying to make a turn on a street that “protesters” decide is off-limits.

Don’t push flaming dumpsters into the street to block traffic so you can “protest” either.