It was just yesterday that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed his “anti-riot” bill into law, which would, among other things, free drivers of liability if they were mobbed in a riot. We’re sure this trucker didn’t want to become the next Reginald Denny, and it looks to us like he was just trying to make a turn from one street to the next in Minneapolis. Tony Webster, however, says the truck “just came aggressively through.”

He hasn’t seen the police or the National Guard protecting the crowd from vehicles, and yet community members are standing in the road trying to keep cars out. Where are the police protecting vehicles from the crowd? This is the sort of thing DeSantis’s legislation was trying to prevent, but critics called it an attack on free speech and actual fascism.

It was late June 2020 when a man fired a gun into a vehicle that was trying to get around a Black Lives Matter blockade in Utah. And in August, a man was beaten unconscious in front of his female passenger by a Black Lives Matter mob in Portland after he crashed his truck. CNN afterward did a story asking if online memes were a factor in drivers “attacking” protesters in the street.

Not this time.

Is it really an infringement on First Amendment rights to tell people to keep the streets clear?