It was late June when a man fired a gun into a vehicle that was trying to get around a Black Lives Matter blockade in Utah. And remember in August when a man was beaten unconscious in front of his female passenger by a Black Lives Matter mob in Portland after he crashed his truck?

Well, forget about that, because CNN is concerned about the idiots protesting in the street and setting up human roadblocks getting hit by drivers. CNN has even found two researchers who believe “online encouragement” was a factor in these clowns getting run over as they climbed on top of people’s moving cars. There were more than 100 such incidents, according to data collected by a “terrorism researcher.”

Get a load of this:

Both [Ari] Weil and Brian Jenkins, the director of the National Transportation Security Center at Mineta Transportation Institute, told CNN that the Black Lives Matter movement had been targeted and that online memes appear to have both celebrated — and driven — such attacks.

“It might not explicitly say go do this, but it’s people joking about it, and it kind of lowers the bar to entry,” said Weil.

So memes were a driving factor behind the “attacks” on protesters.

So people saw memes online and decided to drive into the middle of violent protests so they could run people over?