CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky, who’s “scared” and has a “recurring feeling of impending doom” from the coronavirus, told MSNBC today that according to the latest data from the CDC, people who are vaccinated against COVID-19 do not carry the virus.

Still, we have President Biden, who was vaccinated months ago, wearing two masks to talk to the press outdoors, while CNN reported that masks “are a sign of respect,” so even if you’ve been vaccinated, you should wear one (or two). This is the same CNN whose Jake Tapper called it “theater” when Sen. Rand Paul asked Dr. Anthony Fauci why people would still need to wear masks if they’ve been vaccinated. All of these people have been sending the message that you’ll keep wearing a mask even after everyone’s been immunized. So what to do with this?

She did warn of “last-minute sloppiness,” though, that could lead to another surge.

Here’s Harvard Medical School’s Jeffrey Flier.

She’ll be back on TV tomorrow … kind of like Pete Buttigieg walking back that promising mileage tax.

Is it any wonder people are skeptical? People in power will use this good news to exert even more power.