We were going to do a post just on CNN’s tweet, but we had to click on it to see if it was filed under opinion or news or some other category (it falls under “CNN Health”). We thought it was probably a guest opinion piece, as “Masks are a sign of respect” really isn’t news and doesn’t even follow “the science.”

Then we clicked on the piece by Alaa Elassar, and the medical expert she decided to reach out to wasn’t an epidemiologist, but Dr. Leana Wen, former president of Planned Parenthood (and now a CNN medical analyst). Wen referred to the dropping of mask mandates in Texas and Mississippi as “counterproductive and truly infuriating,” insisting the pandemic is not over.

Sorry, the five reasons listed were given by “experts,” like Dr. Anthony Fauci — the guy who told us not to wear masks.

Wearing a mask after being vaccinated “could also help stop the spread of Covid-19. That’s because the vaccines are effective at preventing symptomatic illness and severe disease. But it’s not clear they prevent people from becoming asymptomatic carriers and spreading it to others.”

That’s a great way of talking people out of getting the vaccine: hey, even if you get it, you could just be asymptomatic and still spread it, so you’ll still have to wear the mask, socially distance, etc.

He did indeed, but he regrets tweeting that now.

Seriously, though, if CNN wanted to set an example, the anchors would wear masks on air. We could still hear them; we wouldn’t want to, but we could.

Here it is … “the science’:


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