At last 2020 is behind us and despite the media congratulating themselves on making it through the toughest year of their careers, mainstream journalists (and fringe conspiracy theorists who work for the mainstream media, e.g., Joy Reid) didn’t exactly cover themselves in glory. The Russian collusion story fell apart and impeachment was a dud (Joe Biden didn’t even bother bringing it up during the campaign), so the media had to turn its attention to other ways to make the administration look bad.

Drew Holden has compiled a top-ten list of the media’s worst moments of 2020, and some of them surprised us — mostly because the newer train wrecks had distracted us from previous train wrecks. See if you agree:

How about Jamie Lee Curtis hurriedly tweeting a photo of a guy in a red cap “stealing” a mail truck? Or how about Reuters running a photo of “discarded” mailboxes stacked up in a pile of junk, carefully cropped to leave out that they were at a powder-coating facility to be refurbished?

We remember very well being told that the flu was much more dangerous and a bigger concern.

“Will anyone trust serial liar Donald Trump’s coronavirus vaccine?” “Trump’s vaccine can’t be trusted.” And now we’re seeing news stories about even frontline medical workers refusing the vaccine. Wonder why?

Check out the New Year’s Eve photos of thousands packed into the town square in Wuhan to celebrate.

Never forget NPR’s outright refusal to cover the Hunter Biden laptop story: “We don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories.”

“Fiery but mostly peaceful.”

This was a surprise entry for us, but he’s right: It was shocking how the media turned against hydroxychloroquine once President Trump said it could be a “game-changer” in the fight against COVID-19. And remember those early headlines about the man who died taking hydroxychloroquine because Trump talked it up … except it wasn’t hydroxychloroquine he was given by his wife but fish-tank solvent?