We don’t think it’s even been a week since we did a post on journalists congratulating themselves. They seem to be needier than Hollywood actors when it comes to adoration, and if they need to come up with an award like the Dan Rather Medal for News and Guts to fill the void where their Pulitzer should be, then so be it. Speaking of Pulitzers, the great thing is you don’t have to give it back when the “story” you were chasing falls apart or your knowledge of history is a bit off.

Julie Wolfe is news director at WHAS 11 News is Louisville, Kentucky, and she wrote an open letter to all 2020 journalists at this, the end of the toughest year of their careers. We’d have thought that President Trump’s foreign policy would have led to fewer war correspondents embedding themselves with the troops, but here we are.

If that got cut off, it ends, “2020 proved that. Thank you. And Merry Christmas, you’ve earned it.”

We really could go on forever. They still don’t get it.