Dana Loesch is awfully fair to company man Jake Tapper, who hosted that CNN show trial a week after the Parkland shooting and let then-Sheriff Scott Israel, who thankfully lost his primary bid at another run for Broward County sheriff, lie to her face, playing the hero while all the while concealing the fact that his deputies hid behind their cars while the shooting was taking place. CNN won a Cronkite Award for that joke of a town hall — and of course, they never held a follow-up once the details of the police response came to light. No, it was just an opportunity for the people of Parkland to call Loesch a murderer.

As Twitchy reported Monday, Jake Tapper reported that President Trump was retweeting mean tweets about him; specifically, a tweet from Mark Levin in which he called the CNN anchor “Fake Tapper.” That’s hardly the same as having security escort you through a hostile crowd.

Just one more reason to love Loesch.