As Twitchy told you earlier, the Norman Lear Center has bestowed its Cronkite Award for “excellence in journalism” upon CNN for their absolutely farcical sh*tshow of a “Parkland town hall.”

Dana Loesch, who was berated, vilified, and smeared with CNN’s blessing, is understandably fuming over this news. And she’s been rightfully taking CNN to the woodshed for basking in the glow of an honor they most definitely do not deserve.

True story. But Jake Tapper is not apologizing for his role in the smear campaign against Loesch; he’s running away from her instead:

Not a classy move, Jake.

Evidently that’s how it works now. Tapper has also given Loesch’s husband Chris the cold shoulder:

Sad. Fortunately, Loesch isn’t deterred. If anything, this act of cowardice vindicates everything she’s said.