As Twitchy reported, today is the day that celebrities like Kim Kardashian West and Mark Ruffalo have “frozen” their Facebook and Instagram accounts in alliance with Stop Hate for Profit, a coalition of organizations determined to remove hate speech and misinformation from social media and convince Facebook to remove groups that promote everything from white supremacy to “climate denial.” Misinformation is the keyword here because they still believe Russia swung the election to Donald Trump by placing Facebook ads and they’re afraid it will happen again.

Hillary Clinton seems to have teamed up with a different organization called Accountable Tech, and she too is worried about Facebook, Twitter, and Google allowing the “spread of weaponized disinformation about our elections.”

Keep in mind that the social networks are already on it: As we reported earlier, Twitter tagged as “manipulated video” that clip of Joe Biden playing NWA’s “F**k tha Police” on his iPhone to a gathering of Latino supporters, and CNN still had a fit, calling it “asymmetric information warfare” — asymmetric because the Biden campaign never posts anything untrue or misleading.

Seriously, a Photoshop of Clinton getting ready to box Jesus Christ probably didn’t swing the election.

And please explain to us how Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is trying to use his platform to reelect Trump.

Here are the Democrats setting up one more excuse to cry foul if Joe Biden loses — it was the social media platforms that spread “weaponized disinformation” about him.