As Twitchy reported, lawyers for Google, Facebook, and Twitter have been grilled on Capitol Hill this week, with legislators such as Sen. Dianne Feinstein warning them that they’d better do something about “misuse” of their social media platforms or the government would do it for them.

Axios reports that the House Intelligence Committee displayed examples of Facebook ads paid for by Russian actors Wednesday afternoon “to drive home their concern about foreign governments ‘weaponizing’ social media content.”

The coloring page of Bernie Sanders doing a muscle pose is great fun, but Democrat Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia posted his favorite on Twitter as an example of a Russian-backed Facebook post.

Hillary could have saved her ghostwriter the trouble of typing up “What Happened” and just published this picture; it’s obviously what tipped the election to Trump. No wonder Feinstein considers such meddling in our elections “cyber warfare.”

We know for a fact Hillary is still traumatized by the whole campaign. But back to the Russians … we appreciate the framable artwork, but it’s funny how so few people are seeing it for the first time. We thought these Facebook ads each got a gazillion impressions.

Who knew the Russians had this sort of intel on Hillary?

* * *