Remember soon after the election, when Democrats were trying to land on a reason why Hillary Clinton lost that ignored the fact she was an awful candidate. She was supposed to win, and all the polls said so!

It didn’t take long for The Resistance to settle on Russia. At first, the claim was the Russia hacked the election somehow — but no, there’s no way they could have hacked into voting machines that aren’t connected to the Internet. (What about floppies, though?)

If not that, maybe Russians offered dirt on Hillary Clinton to the Trump campaign. Maybe they ran deceptive ads on social media — that’s it!

This week, representatives from Facebook, Twitter, and Google have been on Capitol Hill for a grilling on the 2016 election and political propaganda that could have been funded from overseas. Legislators haven’t been satisfied with what they’ve heard, and on Wednesday, Sen. Dianne Feinstein offered a warning: do something about it, or we’ll do it for you.

You’d be laughed at — and rightfully so — if you suggested that newspapers lose their “licenses” over shoddy reporting, but isn’t it a little frightening for someone like Feinstein to tell social media giants that the government will step in an fix their “misuse”?


It’s guaranteed these hearings wouldn’t be happening had Hillary Clinton won.

Here’s a thought:

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