The unstoppable shape-shifting T-1000 from the Terminator films continues to walk present-day earth in the form of Green Party candidate Jill Stein, who refuses to accept the results of the 2016 presidential election, despite legal setbacks and regardless of cost.

Stein appeared on Fox News Wednesday afternoon and spoke with Neil Cavuto, who questioned why she wasn’t pursuing recounts in states where Hillary Clinton had won by even slimmer margins than Trump’s wins in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Don’t let that make you suspect she’s trying to flip the Electoral College to Hillary Clinton, though.

Here’s video, which is chock-full of great information about ensuring election integrity.

Stein claims the states she’s targeted for recounts were “basically red-flagged” … by whom? Well, there was that piece in New York magazine in which a group of computer scientists and civil rights lawyers urged Hillary Clinton to contest the election results in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

Sure, their theory was pretty much debunked on the spot, but, as Paul Krugman noted, now that the idea was out there, the suspicion of a hacked election would never go away without an investigation.

“Basically” red-flagged … right.

Asked by Cavuto how hackers could infiltrate voting machines that aren’t connected to the Internet, Stein went old school, suggesting that people could be walking around with floppy disks and reprogramming the machines.

It’s the Green Party … they probably have a few lying around the office next to the VCR. Let’s just agree that after the 2016 election, we all have some serious doubts … about Jill Stein.