As Twitchy told you, someone decided to have a little bit of fun with Joe Biden’s super-cringey “Despacito” moment:

Donald Trump even retweeted it:

Twitter has since flagged the video has “manipulated media.” And technically it is.

But the way some media firefighters are reacting, you’d think this was Russiagate all over again:

Parker Malloy’s got a whole angry thread about this. We’ll spare you from having to read it.

But it’s not just MMFA hacks like Parker who are upset about this. No less than CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan — who specializes in covering disinformation for the network — is breathless over it:

O’Sullivan’s fellow CNN reporter Marshall Cohen — who notably covered the Russia investigation — was even more flabbergasted:

The asymmetric information warfare goes on, ladies and gentlemen!

Doctored videos!

Thoughts and prayers to CNN’s best and bravest.

You know, Marshall. Just like CNN.

The irony of CNN reporters getting all bent out of shape about the scourge of “disinformation” is not lost on us.

Because priorities.