As Twitchy reported earlier this month, the Associated Press Stylebook issued new guidance that from now on, reporters would capitalize Black when referring to people but continue to lowercase white, in part because white people generally do not share the same history and culture — even though corporate- and government-sponsored anti-racism training, much like the website of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History & Culture, manages to distill “whiteness” into a handy chart. So is white culture a thing or isn’t it?

Plus, white supremacists apparently insist on capitalizing white, so lowercasing it avoids “subtly conveying legitimacy” to white supremacy.

As we mentioned earlier Wednesday, the AP is still trying to explain why Black is capitalized and white is not, but it looks like the Washington Post is going with its own style in which White is capitalized as well, although the first tweet doesn’t show that.

They even managed to get the gender-neutral “Latinx” in there “if someone identifies that way.”

Again, this seems like a massive stretch: Universities have been complaining about the white male “canon” dominating the college curriculum for ages now, but suddenly whites don’t have common cultural bonds or historical experiences? Then what have they been teaching in classics departments?

In a follow-up tweet, though, the Washington Post’s Karen Attiah said her paper will be capitalizing white as well.

Someone put together a GIF of the AP and the Washington Post duking it out over whether whites are a collective group or not. Grammar can get pretty messy now and then.

Yeah, the AP wasn’t down with brown, either, though activists surely have adopted it.

We’re guessing following those rules it would be Black power but white power.

Jennifer Rubin wanted to let the boss know she approves.

It’s not like it’s any big secret why the AP suddenly had a change of heart and is working backward to explain it.


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