There’s a whole mess of people either demonstrating outside of or trying to force their way into the federal courthouse in Portland. Of course, most of those media outlets that have sent correspondents have them on the ground during the day when protests are, indeed, mostly peaceful. However, credit to the Associated Press for embedding a reporter with the federal agents inside the courthouse overnight, where he saw mortars being fired off repeatedly, fireworks and flares shot into the lobby, frozen bottles and concrete being thrown over the fence, and more.

New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, an Oregon native who recently invited Richard Grenell to Portland to show him that the whole “city in flames” narrative only applied to a couple of blocks downtown, has a column Wednesday entitled, “Help Me Find Trump’s ‘Anarchists’ in Portland.” Maybe if he’d read his own column …

The protesters are “a complicated weave” of peaceful and violent. Oh, and yeah, there are anarchists and Antifa activists there.

And yes, some protesters are setting small trash fires and shooting fireworks into the building, but “they’re not trying to burn down the federal courthouse,” just like those Black Lives Matter protesters weren’t trying to pull down that Andrew Jackson statue.

So there are anarchists in Portland, and they haven’t yet succeeded in burning down the courthouse, but they sure are setting a lot of fires as close as they can get to it.

And what’s this about them being “Trump’s” anarchists? Even Joe Biden put out a statement about prosecuting arsonists and anarchists, which has The Nation’s Jeet Heer in a lather.

We don’t know … it sounded to us like Biden has it in for anarchists, who are indeed taking part in the Portland riots. They even have a little anarchy symbol stencil you can pick out to decorate your shield.