AP reporter Mike Balsamo spent the weekend with U.S. Marshals INSIDE the Portland federal courthouse and his thread is certainly eye-opening for anyone who still believes these so-called protests are ‘peaceful.’ For those of us who haven’t been entirely indoctrinated by the ridiculous media spin, this was just more validation.

Mortars, fireworks, flares, frozen bottles …

Tell us again who is causing the violence, Lefties.




We’ve been informed by the Left and the media that the ‘protesters’ are just fighting for systemic change.


Gotta get that ‘hey, they’re not all a-holes’ tweet in, right Mike?

We’re worried for their lives as well.

We love this.

Well, then they need to do something about those agitators, yeah?

Sounds like a riot to us.

But you know, Portland is totes peaceful.



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