The Left likes to pretend they are the good guys out there, fighting fascism and trying to protect the little guy from big, bad Trump and evil, racist, sexist, orphan-kicking Republicans. Keyword there is PRETEND.

If the last two months have shown us anything it’s that the Left actually wants nothing more than to control the country and the people and they’ll do whatever it takes, even if it means destroying the country and the people they want to control, to get it done.

@ProteinWisdom penned a pretty spectacular thread on just that and all we have to say is, OH HELL YEAH:

He’s spot on.

Keep going.

We have seen exactly how terrifying it is for Democrats using ’emergency powers.’



Cuomo aka The Grim Reaper.

Nancy’s Nephew.

Overreach like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

They see convenient ‘buckets’ of people.


Fascism is what they ARE.

Refuse – ever – to surrender.

What he said.



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