Admit it.

Jerry Nadler is the very picture of the Democratic Party.




Can’t figure out how to find a pair of pants and a belt that actually fit him.

Oh, and he plays stupid REALLY well.

Never change, Jerry. *eye roll*

Antifa violence is a myth.

That’s adorable.

We suppose we shouldn’t be surprised Jerry played the ‘I’m dumb’ card considering he was one of the idjits trying to impeach the president from the day Trump took office. This guy …

Check his waist, seems he gets confused with anything around that area.

We hope so.

Seems the media is figuring out these riots are actually HURTING the Left and not the anti-Trump dynamo they originally thought they were.

The damage is done though, in our humble opinion.

That. ^


Nadler knows it’s not a myth.

He’s just playing dumb.

We think.

Oh, he CAN bet that stupid.

Trust us, we’ve been covering the Angry Little Gnome That Could for years now.

Waddle waddle.



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