As Twitchy reported earlier, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler decided to visit downtown Portland around the federal courthouse that’s under siege to see things firsthand, even though the crowd wasn’t happy to see a fascist like him among their ranks. Along with the narrative that these are peaceful protests (during the day, maybe), we’re seeing the media point out that the suburbs are doing just fine and the liberals there who put a man like Wheeler in office aren’t really bothered, except by the presence of the feds in their fair city.

Richard Grenell, having watched a video of the mostly peaceful protesters setting the federal courthouse on fire, urged Oregonians to stop voting for their current political leaders.

New York Times columnist and native Oregonian invited Grenell to beautiful Portland to show him all the surrounding blocks that aren’t on fire.

Wow, President Trump dispatched troops to Portland, and that’s what set off the violent protests?

Is it weird to anyone else that Democratic mayors are actually surrendering blocks of their downtowns to rioters for weeks at a time? CHOP in Seattle was also just a few blocks downtown, and it was going great until a couple of people were shot and killed and they had to pull the plug. But we hear there are some beautiful outlying suburbs.


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