This piece from Buzzfeed reminds us of CNN’s Brian Stelter taking umbrage at suggestions that vandalism and looting in Manhattan had made the city look “shattered by thuggery.” He complained of Fox News (of course) using footage from the George Floyd riots when in fact most of the broken glass had been swept up and the plywood was starting to come down from store windows. Stelter even got his corner garbage can back, which had been taken away because vandals kept setting fire to it. It wasn’t so bad — it was morning in America.

Now Stelter is trying to shame Sean Hannity and right-wing media for making Portland look worse than it is. When he saw Hannity leading his show with “MORE VIOLENCE GRIPS PORTLAND” and scary video from the streets, he knew something was up.

Buzzfeed has a similar take on the city of Portland, which has now had riots downtown for more than 50 nights in a row. City residents who live on the outskirts say it’s not as bad as President Trump and the right-wing media would have you believe, and it’s the DHS that has the city under siege.

They live on the outskirts, huh? Of course, the people who would vote someone like Ted Wheeler to be their mayor would think Trump was the problem.

It’s like Black Lives Matter protesters blocking intersections. Just back up and go another way if you don’t want to get shot. Same thing with Seattle; it’s a great town — just don’t drive through CHOP if you don’t want to get shot and killed.

As we’d mentioned in another post, even Politico Magazine did an extensive piece on how liberal Portland became so violent — and that was back in 2017.

Word is the city acted pretty quickly when anarchists tried to build an “autonomous zone” outside the mayor’s condo.

For those who live in Portland and don’t travel downtown or to the federal courthouse, the DHS — a right-wing media source to be sure — gave an update on what’s going on there:

Well, if the feds don’t want to be attacked, they shouldn’t be there, right?


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