Snarky headline aside, Casey Michel’s piece in Politico Magazine is well worth your time and does go a long way toward explaining how Portland ended up being a city continuously in search of a reason to riot: the 2016 election results, May Day, even the annual Avenue of Roses Parade (not a joke).

Still, there’s just something about this tweet that doesn’t sit well with us at all. Is it supposed to be a surprise that a city infested by self-described anarchists is Ground Zero for political violence?

In short, all of the poor, delicate souls who freaked out over that NRA video narrated by Dana Loesch and featuring scenes of leftist violence should rethink what’s really causing that sadness and fear and the chill down their spines when they see it … ’cause it’s not her “open call to violence to protect white supremacy,” now, is it?

Politico Magazine really seems to have hit that exact same nerve with its tweet.

Michel mentions near the end of the piece that “the right-wing Patriot Prayer group has organized a ‘freedom march’ that is expected to attract white nationalists, neo-Nazis, militia and white supremacists.” Yes, those groups exist. Will there be violence? Michel adds, “the antifa have pledged to block them.” Guys? Doling out free speech rights as you see fit is not your job.

As the piece also points out, organizers cancelled the 82nd Avenue of Roses Parade (!) over a “non-negotiable” threat inspired by the inclusion of a float representing the Multnomah County Republican Party. And whoever sent the threat made it a point to cite “how much power we have downtown” despite the police. This isn’t tough to figure out.

Sorry that the mirror being held up is so unflattering.

* * *