Finally, something this editor has been calling for finally happened. As Twitchy reported, an AP reporter spent the weekend with U.S. Marshals inside the federal courthouse in Portland and got a taste of the mostly peaceful protests from the point of view of the feds: mortar fire, fireworks, flares, frozen water bottles, lasers, and concrete were just a sample of the things hurled at the building in an attempt to break in or burn it down.

As we’ve said, the media — those brave enough to send crews into the mostly peaceful protests — prefer human interest stories on the human PR campaigns that are the Wall of Moms in their yellow shirts, the Wall of Dads in their orange shirts, or the Wall of Vets.

On Tuesday, NBC News posted, without comment, video of one of those moms, a single mother who claims she’s sleep-deprived because she has to come down to the courthouse every night and yell at the federal agents because black lives matter. Maybe she could tell the “2-cent ninja” shielding her to tell his friends that their continued efforts to set fire to the building aren’t doing anything for the Black Lives Matter movement.

AWFL — affluent white female liberal — is pronounced just like it looks.

Comic relief?

It’s just graffiti.

The Marxists and anarchists trying to burn down a federal building certainly do appreciate the moms who’ve come out to be a human shield while they chuck fireworks and frozen water bottles over the fence from behind. Even the president of the Portland NAACP wrote an op-ed saying the protests were supposed to be about black lives, not white women.