E.D. Mondainé, president of the Portland chapter of the NAACP, published an opinion piece in the Washington Post Saturday about the protests in Portland and arguing that they’d become little more than “white spectacle” when they were supposed to be about black lives. We’ve never been sure why the mob there thinks burning down the federal courthouse will advance the cause of Black Lives Matter. And don’t get him started on that “iconic” image of Naked Athena facing down a line of cops on the other side of an intersection.

He writes:

Images of “Naked Athena,” as the protester has been labeled, have gone viral, her unclothed confrontation with police earning her accolades as a brave ally of the cause. But I see something else: a beneficiary of white privilege dancing vainly on a stage that was originally created to raise up the voices of my oppressed brothers and sisters. In this, she is not alone. As the demonstrations continue every night in Portland, many people with their own agendas are co-opting, and distracting attention from, what should be our central concern: the Black Lives Matter movement.

Unfortunately, “spectacle” is now the best way to describe Portland’s protests. Vandalizing government buildings and hurling projectiles at law enforcement draw attention — but how do these actions stop police from killing black people? What are antifa and other leftist agitators achieving for the cause of black equality? The “Wall of Moms,” while perhaps well-intentioned, ends up redirecting attention away from the urgent issue of murdered black bodies. This might ease the consciences of white, affluent women who have previously been silent in the face of black oppression, but it’s fair to ask: Are they really furthering the cause of justice, or is this another example of white co-optation?

Remember when this was all about George Floyd, whose death was considered horrific and unjust by black and white liberals and conservatives?

They’re doing a terrible job.

There sure are a lot of triggered white people in the comments saying that there’s no way blacks could achieve what they’re trying to achieve without their help. Like doing naked yoga.


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