Once again, there’s no other way to explain Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s sky-high approval ratings on his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic than to ignore the body count in New York and instead have the media fawn over his coronavirus briefings in which he claims the buck stops at his desk — but then he shifts all the blame to President Trump. In fact, now it’s Trump’s COVID ‘scandal,’ and it makes Watergate look innocent by comparison. Again, we’re don’t know of any bigger COVID-19 scandal than Cuomo ordering nursing homes to take in COVID-positive patients and let them infect those most susceptible to the coronavirus.

In any case, here’s video of the “Love Gov” mostly going on about why Trump hasn’t fired Dr. Anthony Fauci, but also pointing out that nobody died during Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal.

Yep … we’re old enough to remember MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow saying it was “nonsense” that the USNS Comfort would be docking in New York in a week’s time, but a week later, there it was, ready to take overflow patients. And Cuomo let it sit empty.

As Twitchy reported, the New York Times pressed him on it by asking if he perhaps “shared” some of the blame for those 6,200 nursing home deaths.

We’d forgotten about that. It took until late April for him to demand a plan to disinfect the subways every night.

But they’re so in awe of his COVID Mountain foam prop and his brand-new New York “pandemic poster.” What more is there to ask? He’s a Democrat who’s saying he’s done a great job, so no further questions, right?