The efforts by the lefty media to peddle as much coronavirus fear as possible continue. One such person is MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, who ten days ago tried to sink President Trump’s claim that a massive hospital ship would soon arrive in New York Harbor with another sent to the west coast:

There’s a transcript of the Rachel Maddow show posted on March 20th, and here’s that portion:

In terms of the happy talk we`ve had on this front from the federal government, there is no sign that the Navy hospital ships that the president made such a big deal of, the Comfort and the Mercy, there`s no sign that they`ll be anywhere on-site helping out anywhere in the country for weeks yet. The president said when he announced that those ships would be put into action against the COVID-19 epidemic. He said one of those ships would be operational in New York harbor by next week. That`s nonsense. It will not be there next week.

Oh really?

Another lib media self-beclowning? Yep.

It’s just one more giant FAIL from a Resistance media only concerned with making Trump look as bad as possible and spreading DNC talking points instead of presenting their viewers with facts.


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The official White House Twitter account has decided to dunk on Maddow as well: