As Twitchy reported earlier, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler had the cops clear out an “autonomous zone” that a mob just happened to be building in his neighborhood. Wheeler might be the biggest squish of a mayor after Seattle’s Jenny Durkan, but he wasn’t about to become a resident of an autonomous zone built by extremists outside his condo.

Both the Associated Press and fact-checking site Snopes have declared that Seattle’s Capitol Hill Ongoing Protest, or CHOP, is festive and has a carnival-like atmosphere, even though the local warlord can be seen on Facebook Live handing out AR-15s from the trunk of his car. If you believe right-wingers like President Trump, you’d think it was a mob that had armed members checking people at the border and shaking down local businesses.

So it’s very interesting to hear a leftist like Wheeler describe CHOP in exactly the same terms:

Huh … he must be watching Fox News or something to have that sort of impression of CHOP. Mayor Durkan’s calling it the summer of love on other cable networks.

Fact-check: True.

When Portland’s mayor is calling out Seattle, you know things are out of control.


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