Julio Rosas of Twitchy sister-site Townhall is on the ground in Seattle and reporting from the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone,” or CHAZ, the six-block area abandoned by Seattle police and left in the hands of protesters who guard the perimeter and decide who is allowed in or out. Rosas has already run into a couple of episodes which threatened to escalate into serious violence, but never fear: both the Associated Press and Snopes have declared that the zone is “festive.”

It has to be festive because President Trump tweeted that Seattle had been taken over by anarchists, so the opposite must be true.

Following days of violent confrontations … that sounds like CNN’s Brian Stelter trying to tell us Manhattan looks great because the plywood’s coming down and the city put the trash can back on his corner after they’d removed it so protesters wouldn’t set it on fire.

From the AP:

Following days of violent confrontations with protesters, police in Seattle have largely withdrawn from a neighborhood where protesters have created a festival-like scene that has President Donald Trump fuming.

The “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” sprung up after police on Monday removed barricades near the East Precinct and basically abandoned the structure after officers used tear gas, pepper spray and flash bangs over the weekend to disperse demonstrators they said were assaulting them with projectiles.

Those flashbangs do create a festival-like atmosphere.

[Assistant Chief Deanna] Nollette said the precinct has been boarded up because of credible threats that it would be vandalized or burned. She offered no details about the threats and no fires have been reported at the site.

So once again, let’s get this straight. Men with guns show up in Lansing to protest Michigan’s lockdown, shoot no one, commit no crimes and vandalize nothing, and they’re domestic terrorists who stormed the capitol, while “festival-goers” managed to capture and occupy a police precinct in Seattle and the surrounding city blocks.

Wonder if the atmosphere will remain festival-like if the Seattle Police Department decides it wants its precinct back?

Yes, the story is that President Trump is fuming because he tweeted something.