Our apologies for another post about CHAZ, or Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, but we’ve been hearing from the mainstream media all day that it’s just a “festive” expression of free speech — never mind how the protesters inside the six-block radius managed to secure it as their own and declare it independent from the United States. Oh yeah, it was nights of violent clashes with police ending with the police abandoning their precinct under threat of it being burned down.

In any case, Mayor Jenny Durkan is 100 percent down with CHAZ — in an insane thread, she again described it as simply First Amendment expression by the marginalized … and now she’s telling CNN’s Chris Cuomo that they could end up having a whole “summer of love” there. Doesn’t sound like Seattle plans on taking back those blocks anytime soon, if only to spite President Trump.

Mayor Jacob Frey, who was driven out of a Black Lives Matter protest for not committing to defunding the police? Yeah, talk to him.

They’d have to resort to cannibalism to make it through the summer.



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