This is a short clip but there’s so much to say about it. Joe Biden, who said he’d like to take President Trump behind the gym and teach him to respect women (and who was then given boxing gloves by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews); who challenges visitors to his town halls to push-up contests; who always says he’ll “beat Trump like a drum”; who pokes his finger in the face or chest of anyone who asks a tough question, has a problem with Trump’s “macho” stance on face masks.

It’s also pretty hilarious that CNN cuts to a wide shot to prove that he and interviewer Dana Bash are 12 feet apart and outdoors, although if the breeze was right he could probably still smell her hair. Still, the man says wearing a mask is a sign of leadership, but he chose not to model that behavior to CNN’s audience. If he really thought a mask projected strength, he certainly would have worn one.

We will give him credit, though, for leaving his basement and going outdoors two days in a row; that’ll get you labeled a Grandma killer by the Karens of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The bias in this clip is even more obvious than usual.

Funny, that. He says if Trump had acted just a week earlier thousands of lives could have been saved, but when Trump cut off incoming flights from China, he went off on Trump’s racism and xenophobia. How much worse would the spread of COVID-19 be if Biden had kept the borders open? Then Biden did a 180 and decided he agreed with Trump on shutting off incoming flights.

Oh, the thing where he just lied about the NAACP endorsing him every time he’s run, even though the NAACP doesn’t endorse candidates? That would have been a good question. Now that we think of it, didn’t CNN cut away from the video right before Biden made the bogus claim?

Instead of asking about Trump, why didn’t Bash ask Biden about Gov. Ralph Northam decided to mandate masks after being photographed all weekend out and about taking selfies without one?


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