To kick things off, let’s make it clear that Rachel Bitecofer is a Tara Reade skeptic:

That tweet, though, was in response to a previous tweet of hers in which she asked anyone out there who’d worked with Joe Biden if he was the kind of person to stick his finger in a woman’s face like Reade alleges he did:

We’re hard-pressed to come up with any examples of Biden flying off the handle to the extent he’d angrily tell a voter to vote for the other guy. Anyway, it didn’t take much digging to come with a lot of finger-pointing.

Not a woman, which just goes to show that Biden’s an equal opportunity offender:

Good advice.

Not that we’re clutching our pearls over it, but Biden really does love to resort to physical challenges: He’d take President Trump behind the gym to teach him to disrespect women, and he’ll challenge you to a push-up contest if you ask him a difficult question at a campaign stop.

We haven’t worked with Biden, but we’ve seen him fly off the handle plenty of times — and those are just the times on camera when he’s out campaigning … back when he used to leave his house to campaign. And this is the guy who had to kick off his presidential campaign by releasing a video about how he’d had personal boundaries explained to him? C’mon, man!


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