Remember back when the media used to get outraged over supposedly manipulated videos and used that accusation as a reason to dismiss a story? Taking hours of undercover footage with abortion workers, for instance, and using the highlights for a news segment were said to be deception, even while the entire video would usually be made available.

Yet we have CNN presenting comments from Joe Biden as a way of excusing his recent blatantly racist comments from Friday, and they clip the ensuing few seconds of the recording which would have actually deepened his problems. Jonathan Turley presented the subterfuge that normally would have CNN’s media watch-Yorkie Brian Stelter in fits of outrage were it another news outlet.

The editorial convenience of this becomes disturbingly hilarious. It would be near impossible to say the video was shortened for time when the network elected to cut off the very next few seconds.

Biden even commanded that they take a look at his record, so CNN refusing to do so actually defies the order of the very man they are defending. It cannot be excused away as an oversight during one segment because, as Turley notes, they reused the exact same truncated video later in the day.

Yes, ”second to none”…

One other detail that CNN will conveniently leave off of their broadcasts: As Biden is claiming to have ”a record that is second to none” there is the effort made to completely seal his records from the University of Delaware. I guess since those are off-limits we just have to take his word on that. Oh, and CNN’s.


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