Here’s some news: not only is Chris Matthews still on the air, but rather than scolding Vice President Joe Biden for engaging in violent rhetoric, he’s rewarding him with a pair of boxing gloves to make good on his threat to take Donald Trump “behind the gym” over his comments on the Access Hollywood tape.

Please … don’t encourage him.

That’s shocking. What happened to the kinder, gentler Chris Matthews photographed carrying a purse and marching next to a Hillary campaign banner last Fourth of July?

Giving Joe Biden boxing gloves just doesn’t seem responsible; this is the same guy who has repeatedly advised Americans to buy a shotgun and just fire it through the door to discourage intruders. At least Biden called for a fight and not a duel — at least that’s what most people inferred from his “behind the gym” comment.

No way is Matthews giving away his weed. Come to think of it, maybe strapping a pair of boxing gloves on the vice president is a pretty good idea.